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Heads of ICNA and ICNA Relief Pay Visit to Shifa Clinic in Georgia
On October 25th, ICNA Relief's Shifa Clinic in Atlanta presented its Volunteer Of The Month Award to Hafiz Hasan while ICNA President Br. Naim Baig and ICNA Relief head Br. Maqsood Ahmad were visiting the clinic.

Hafiz Hasan has been volunteering at Shifa clinic Atlanta for almost a year and was selected Volunteer Of The Month for the month of August by his fellow volunteers for his outstanding performance, punctuality, dedication and hard work.

Bilal Tanveer and Nauman Tanveer received the award prior to him for the months of June and July respectively.

ICNA Relief's Shifa Clinic in Atlanta provides free medical services to more than 50 patients every Saturday and has more than 100 volunteers and growing alhamdulillah.
Below: First picture shows Br. Naim Baig presenting the award to Hafiz Hasan while Br. Maqsood Ahmad, Br. Mohammad Uzair and Br. Abdul Rauf stand next to them.
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Chairman Dr. Mohsin Ansari Get A Tour of ICNA Relief S. California's Newest Projects 
ICNA Relief Chairman Dr. Mohsin Ansari visited our Southern California chapter recently where he visited the site of a joint project that is being conducted with the city of Anaheim in order to aid low-income communities. ICNA Relief has donated a large storage container placed at a local park which attracts a large population of disadvantaged and homeless residents. The container will serve as a site where homeless men and women can store their belongings as well as pick up free hygiene products. In addition, the Southern California chapter is responsible for bi-weekly food distribution campaigns for the hungry. 
Dr. Mohsin also visited ICNA Relief's newest project the Crescent Clinic of Orange County. The clinic, which was established in April 2014 in partnership with the Memon Organization of North America (MONA), is committed to delivering high quality primary care to the uninsured population of Orange County. The clinic is completely supported by trained undergraduate and medical students from University of California Irvine (UCI), under the guidance of attending physicians. Dr. Mohsin met with the Medical Director of the clinic Dr. Tipu Khan along with medical students, undergraduates, and the patients who were receiving care at the clinic.
Executive Assistant Director Abdul Rauf Khan, who also accompanied Dr. Mohsin Ansari on the trip to Southern California, visited The New Star Family Justice Center of which ICNA Relief is the founding partner. The Justice Center provides the following services to domestic violence victims and their families: domestic violence counseling, parenting support, referrals to shelter/housing, assistance with crime victims' claims, social service assistance, help with writing resumes and searching for a job among other services. Br. Abdul Rauf met with Sr. Elena Meloni, Executive Director of the Center, and was given an extensive tour of the facilities. He and Dr. Mohsin Ansari also visited ICNA Relief's California Women's Shelter (Asiya's House) and saw firsthand the efforts of the staff and volunteers to help shelter residents. 
Dr. Mohsin Ansari and Brother Abdul Rauf Khan learned a lot about the exciting projects of ICNA Relief's Southern California chapter and look forward to starting similar projects in other ICNA Relief chapters across the country.
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Shifa Clinic in Atlanta Holds Second Health Fair at Deen Media Center in Norcross
On June 22nd, ICNA Relief's Shifa Clinic in Atlanta held its Second Health Fair at Deen Media Center in Norcross, Georgia. It was an all day event, with services including blood glucose level and cholesterol testing, blood pressure check, vision examination, consultations on making healthy food choices, and a workshop for people with diabetes and high cholesterol.
35 people showed up in the health fair including Muslims and non Muslims participants.
ICNA Relief's Shifa Clinic volunteer doctors including Dr. Arshad, Dr. Amina and Dr. Maaz provided free consultations to the participants after they were tested for blood glucose and cholesterol. Most of the attendees had no medical insurance coverage and were from indigent part of the local population. They were advised to make follow-ups appointments at Shifa Clinic.
"Alhamdolillah, it was another humble effort by ICNA Relief Shifa Clinic Atlanta team to extend their much-needed services to different Atlanta localities and for which a patron of Deen Media Center Br. Rashad was very thankful," said Br. Muhammad Uzair of ICNA Relief Georgia. "We are looking forward to arrange more health fairs like this inshaAllah."
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Atlanta's Shifa Clinic Participates in Pakistani and Indian Physician Groups' Health Fair
This past Sunday, ICNA Relief's Shifa Clinic Atlanta participated in the annual health fair at Global Mall Norcross, Georgia organized by APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistan Descent of North America) and GAPI (Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage).
This is the first time that Georgia's APPNA chapter and GAPI arranged a health fair jointly and was attended by over 350 people.
This health fair had several doctor and health care provider booths in a variety of areas including primary care, cardiology, nephrology, psychiatry, and dentistry to name a few. They offered preventive health screenings such as medical, dental and vision screening, nutrition and diabetes counseling, flu shots, and bone marrow and mammogram screening registry.
ICNA Relief's Shifa Clinic Atlanta management team including Br. Uzair, Br. Ghulam Naseer, Br. Nadeem and Br. Bakher along with several volunteers who organized their booth at the APPNA health fair. Just like last year's APPNA fair, Atlanta's Shifa Clinic had the busiest booth where more than 200 participants got free Lipid Profile tests. In addition, several uninsured and poor patients were given referrals to Shifa Clinic. Free on-site consultation and counseling was provided to all participants by Shifa Atlanta's consultants Dr. Arshad, Dr. Goheer and Dr. Hassan.
Shifa Clinic Atlanta's team and members were highly appreciated for their professionalism, hard work and dedication by several health fair participants, physicians and mainly by the health fair organizing team of APPNA GA Chapter President Dr. Asif Taufeeq and by GAPI President Indran Indrakrishnan. 
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, who was invited at the health fair, also expressed his appreciation to the organizers and participants of the health fair for providing needed services to the community. 
"ICNA Relief Shifa Clinic management team is humbled and thankful to Allah SWT and APPNA for being a part of a highly successful and well organised health fair," said Br. Uzair "We look forward to do more joint ventures like this with APPNA in future to serve our community the best we can, InshaAllah."

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85 Attend Muslim Family Service's 2014 Heath Fair -- Click the picture to read more!
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150 Attend Obamacare Workshops in Metro Atlanta Area
Alhamdulillah, ICNA Relief recently organized four ICNA Relief sponsored workshops on the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare in different mosques across the Metro Atlanta area.
A total of 150 people attended the workshops conducted by Sister Ameera Wazeer, who has over 15 years of experience in health insurance field.
Two workshops were held in February -- one at the Islamic Center of Duluth, GA and other was at Masjid Al Hidaya of Marrietta, GA.This month we arranged a workshop at Suwanee Mussallah on March 2nd and another one at Masjid Omar Bin Abdulaziz in Lilburn, GA on March 9th. Another workshop is scheduled at Islamic Community Center in Fayetteville, GA today.
"These workshops not only helped our community to learn, understand and benefit from Obamacare, they also received direct assisstance to apply for the most affordable health insurance available," said Dr. Muhammad Uzair of Atlanta's Shifa free clinic.
This is another humble attempt by ICNA Relief  to serve our community.
May Allah reward the best to everyone who is a part of these programs inshaAllah.
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APPNA Annual Health Fair 2013 in Atlanta

On November 3rd, 2013 ICNA Relief Shifa Clinic Atlanta participated in APPNA annual health fair at Atlanta Event Hall in Duluth, GA.

This health fair was hugely successful just like last years and had a much greater than expected turn out(more than 250 people showed up) even though it was announced only 3 weeks ago. It was an all day health fair from 11 am till 4 pm.

This health fair had several Physicians and health care providers Booths(Primary care, cardiology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Pediatrics, Optometry, and Dental Clinic), which basically offered preventive health screenings including medical, dental & vision screening, nutrition & diabetes counseling, flu shots, and bone marrow registry.

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Muslim Doctor Opens Shifa Free Clinic for Women in Mount Pleasant, SC


By Jennifer Berry Hawes, Feb. 24th, 2013
“And be steadfast in prayer; practice regular charity; and bow down your heads with those who bow down.” — Quran, 2:143
Dr. Reshma Khan grew up in a Muslim family. But as a young doctor and mother, she studied her faith more deeply — and realized its strong call to charitable work.
On the one hand, selfless giving provides for society’s needs. Yet, giving in God’s name also purifies the giver’s heart.

“This is the cornerstone of the Islamic society and a constant theme in the Quranic teachings,” says Khan, an ob-gyn. “Faith should be put into action.”

So she examined her own life. How could she use her medical talents to give back beyond her paid position at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center?

“My purpose is to serve the creator, and the best way to serve the creator is through the creation,” Khan adds. “If God has given me this (talent), I need to use it for more than myself.”

She had long dreamed of opening a free gynecology clinic for women. In 2008, she began actively pursuing it and eventually took her proposal to the Islamic Circle of North America Relief USA, which provides social services, women’s shelters, programs for the hungry and other nationwide services. It also funds free clinics in other cities and agreed to help Khan.

At last, a year ago, her dream became the Shifa Free Clinic, a nonprofit in Mount Pleasant that provides a full-range of gynecology services to the uninsured and underinsured — regardless of faith.

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