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ICNA Relief's 2015 Qurbani/Udhiyah Distribution Gets Underway


Alhamdulillah, hundreds of meat packets were distributed to refugees at our food pantry on the day after Eid ul Adha. Thank you Houston for your contributions of entire Qurbani and separate meat packets. The recipients, and ICNA Relief, are truly grateful. Your donations in actions!


Qurbani/Udhiyah meat being given to the community at the 5th ward at Masjid at-Tawhid. 

Passing out udhiya/qurbani meat to Burmese refugees in Houston.




ICNA Relief's Massachusetts Director, Sr. Malika MacDonald, distributed udhiyah meat to the community in Chelsea, MA after Eid ul Adha.



This meat distribution was done on the Tuesday following Eid ul Adha at Glen Ellyn food pantry in collaboration with the Northern Illinois Food Bank. We served almost 200 families and distributed about 2000 lbs of meat.


At ICNA Relief's Glendale Heights food pantry, we did meat and food distribution yesterday. We served 69 families with food and about 120 families were provided with meat. Altogether from our Pantry since Friday after Eid ul Adha, we have served around 176 families with Qurbani meat. So far, ICNA Relief's Illinois pantry has served roughly 2500-3000 lbs of meat. Alhamdulillah.


New York

Imam Abukariem Shabaz of Masjid Khalil Rauf Abdullah helps ICNA Relief distribute Udhiyah meat




This Eid Adha, 200 lbs of meat were given away. Eighty pounds of rice and 20 lbs of pasta were given to over a dozen families. These care boxes also contained meat thanks to your donated ‪#‎Qurbani‬ / ‪#‎Udhiya‬. JazakumAllah Khair to donors and volunteers! We could not have done this without you.



New Jersey



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Muslim Family Services in Detroit's Sponsor-A-Ramadan Provides Food Boxes for 22 Low-Income Families

By Maimuna Habeebullah 

SAFRP Packaging

On June 11th 2015, we launched our annual Sponsor-A-Ramadan Project in Detroit to help feed deserving low-income families this Ramadan. This project is for the benefit of hand-picked families who are in great need of food, specifically. Most of our families this year had over 5 members. Since our launch, we have had an amazing outpour of support from families all over South-Eastern Michigan who selflessly joined our cause in sponsoring 22 families for the entire month of Ramadan. 

Volunteers came out on Saturday, June 13th to help package the food that our sponsors provided.  The event was held inside of the MFS food pantry. Volunteers filled boxes according to the food list provided and the amount of members per family. Dry food supplies like dates, rice, beans, oils, teas, canned veggies, pastas, various spices and much more went into each family's box. 

The following Monday, June 15th, was our target day to make sure that all boxes were delivered to each client family. That day, perishable foods  such as milk, chicken, steak, beef stew and juices were added to each family's boxes. Clients were supplemented with funds to purchase additional perishables such as garlic, onions, fresh fruits and vegetables.  After we finished assembing the food boxes, volunteers were given specific client addresses in order to deliver their specialized food boxes. 

Naturally, the recipents of these Ramadan food boxes were all very grateful to have their nourishment needs met for this month. A simple act of providing food for a family can have a profound effect on the quality of their Ramadan. With one less concern, these families can focus on increasing their ibaadah (good works). Many of these families will now be able to invite their neighbors to iftar (break fast) in their homes in full gratitude that Allah (SWT) has not only provided for their family, but their neighbor's as well.

May Allah (SWT) reward all of the wonderful Muslims who sponsored a family this Ramadan! May you recieve blessings for each morsel of food swallowed by these families. In the midst of all of the ills taking place in the world today, it is refreshing to see that humanity has not been lost.

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ICNA Relief and the Muslim Women's Organization of Central Florida Pack Over 400 Food Boxes for Those in Need

On Monday June 8th, 2015 ICNA Relief volunteers joined forces with the Muslim Women's Organization in Central Florida to pack over 400 boxes of food for those in need within the Orlando community. ICNA Relief co-sponsored the event and will be providing boxes to local clients in need.
The Southeast Regional Coordinator of ICNA Relief, Arthur Richards, had this to say about the collaboration, "There are few organizations in the community that are consistently working towards assisting those that are needy in the community. For ICNA Relief this is what we do everyday and being able to collaborate on such a massive project with MWO is a blessing and we are grateful to have such an organization in our community."
Boxes will be distributed throughout the month of Ramadan. MWO will join a list of other organizations that will be teaming up with ICNA Relief this upcoming school year to provide backpacks to 1,000s of children in Orlando and Tampa, Florida. 
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ICNA Relief Massachusetts and BU Dental Students Reunite For Second Week To Distribute Dental Kits in Honor of Deah, Yusor and Razan


ICNA Relief MA in collaboration with students from Boston University (BU) School of Dentistry conducted a Dental Kit Distribution in memory of Deah Barakat for a second week in a row. Over 300 Dental Kits were distributed at Masjid Alhumdilillah during their monthly food distribution serving roughly 250 families each month. Masjid Alhumdilillah is one of the oldest Islamic Centers in the Boston area and is situated in an impoverished community. The Dental Kits were a welcomed, unexpected addition to food packages recipients received. 


One local area resident, an older Latino woman asked about free dental care which the students from BU were able to refer her too. She stated she was truly blessed this day, explaining she had broken her dentures but could not afford a new pair. 


ICNA Relief MA along with BU, Mercy to Mankind and the Islamic Society of Boston collected 2809 Dental Kits which have been distributed among the most needy in our communities. Amr Aly said “As a Dental Student I was truly devastated by the Chapel Hill murders and felt so fortunate to live out Deah Barakat’s legacy by serving those in need and what better way than by distributing Dental Kits.” 






ICNA Relief Massachusetts Distributes Dental Kits At Soup Kitchen with Help from Boston University Dental Students


On April 5th, ICNA Relief Boston partnered with BU Dental School MSA volunteers to distribute dental kits at the Haley House located on Dartmouth Street in Boston. Haley House is a soup kitchen that serves the homeless population in the Boston area. We partnered with the Dental School MSA to extend the mercy and intention of Deah Barakat who spent his final days serving the community. As a tribute to his memory as well as his beloved wife, Yusor, and her sister Razan, we spent our morning in service of the displaced.


The atmosphere of Haley House is one of humility. The clients and staff stand on equal footing when they are in this space. The lines between class and economic privilege blur here as both groups interact and begin to know one another. While in conversation with one of the clients, Ariz Saleem, community organizer for ICNA Relief in Boston, recalled some inspirational words. “When you beg, you make angels out of people. It's better to beg than steal. It's better to work than beg.” Ariz shared his takeaway from these words. “The beauty of what my brother stated lies in the personal meaning he was able to forge from the difficult moments of his life.” This is the kind of mutual love and understanding that permeates the atmosphere of the haley house.

This principle of humility is well practiced and lived out by this wonderful organization. ICNA Relief was proud to be a partner. The BU Dental School also enjoyed the experience as well as the chance to give back. Amr Aly shared his feelings. “Lending a helping hand to the community, and to those in need, is an integral part of our mission within the Muslim Student Association at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine. Having the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give back to the community is a gift within itself, bringing about a sense of unity between Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

Good Food, Dental Kits, and Mutual Respect were the gifts the mercy and memory of Deah and his Beloved ones brought to our staff and supporters. A Special thank you to Haley House and Boston University Dental School!



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ICNA Relief is Spreading Warmth Across The Country This Winter
Alhamdhulillah, ICNA Relief Georgia's Winter Blanket Giveaway was a huge success! They partnered with Madina Institute U.S.AGwinnett Islamic Circle's Outreach team, Youth Boys Outreach class and Giving Back to the Humanity on December 7th in downtown Atlanta. There they distributed the blankets as well as hygiene kits and fed over 200 homeless individuals! We ask Allah (swt) to increase everyone that contributed in all that is good in this life and the next. Ameen.
ICNA Relief New York is holding its own winter warm clothing distribution but for children in need in the state. Br. Shahid Farooqi and Br. Arshad Jamal visited Al-Ihsan school in Queens, NY where they attended the school's cultural day. Sheikh Rafeek Mohammad, Al-Ihsan's principal, presented ICNA Relief with a $1000.00 check from the students for its winter clothing campaign.
On December 4th, ICNA Relief Massachusetts distributed brand new winter coats, hats, gloves and scarves to children at the Haynes Early Education Center in Dorchester, MA. ICNA Relief is holding a Winter Blessing Bag drive collecting hats, gloves and coats for kids in need and distributing these items in various locations this season. Click here for more pictures and information.
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Student Volunteers Clean Up ICNA Massachusetts Office and Food Pantry
On October 16th, Thursday, the Bunker Hill Community College MSA (Muslim Student Association) volunteered to clean up ICNA Relief's Massachusetts Office and Emergency Pantry located in Roxbury. The group of students helped to arrange and organize the nonperishable food items in the pantry. Office materials were organized and unnecessary materials were thrown out.
The students did an excellent job and the day was rounded out with an overview of ICNA Relief and its projects provided by Malika McDonald, regional director in Massachusetts. Jazakullah Khair to all the volunteers!
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2014 Udhiyah Distribution Gets Underway
*Updated 10/27
This past weekend, ICNA Relief New Jersey held meat distributions in three locations in the state including New Brunswick, Union City and Plainfield. In New Brunswick, ICNA Relief NJ teamed up with the MSA (Muslim Student Association) of nearby Rutgers University to hold an udhiyah distribution at The Second Reformed Church of New Brunswick. The MSA collaborates with the church's food pantry for volunteer efforts. The church's food pantry graciously agreed to keep excess meat in its freezers to benefit people who couldn't show up for Friday's distributiion. .
According to the 2010 U.S., 50 percent of New Brunswick residents self-identify themselves as Hispanics. The food pantry director, Kathy, explained that many refugee children from Mexico and Guatemala come to the pantry. They had been relocated to New Brunswick after their families made them cross the border illegally. Sr. Nahela Morales of Why Islam was also present at the meat distribution and spoke to Hispanic residents about the religious significance of Eid al-Adha and the udhiyah meat giveaway. Around 350 Ibs. were given away in New Brunswick
In Plainsfield, ICNA NJ gave away 150 Ibs. of udhiyah meat, while the bulk of the meat was given away in Union City -- 100 bags of 5 Ibs. each. 
Alhumdulillah, 400 pounds of meat was distributed by ICNA Relief Georgia in partnership with Masjid Al Islam and Masjid Al Momanoon in downtown Atlanta and the Braves Stadium neighborhood. Imam Farquan of Masjid Al Momanoon can be seen below striking a pose. He along with Sr. Naiema Abdullah Of Masjid Al Islam and Sr. Quran, principal of Muhammad School, a helped distribute meat on Monday Oct 5th. Jazakullah Khairan!
This year ICNA Relief GA were able to distribute Qurbani/Udhiyah meat to more than 600 needy and refugee families in and around of Metro Atlanta. They collected and distributed more than 5000 lbs. of meat. 
ICNA Relief Massachusetts' Udhiyah Distribution was a huge success, alhumdilillah! 
ICNA Relief South Florida is holding its annual Udhiyah/Qurbani collection and distribution for Eid al Adha 2014. Br. Raa'id Khan, Director of Community Development in South Florida, spearheaded the project this year locally. All together, over 1000 pounds of meat across Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade Counties were collected.  The meat was packaged into 200 five pound bags and distributed across South Florida for individuals and families in need. Thank you to all the masajid that took part locally and special thank you to Deshi Bazar for their support and help during this year's Udhiyah campaign.
*Pictures taken at Deshi Bazar while packaging meat. 
ICNA Relief New York received the most requests for Qurbanis totaling over 345 animals, which took place in two slaughter houses -- one in New York and one in Connecticut. 
Distribution of the meat was carried out in various locations in New York City. In Brooklyn, 70 Bags  equaling 350 lbs. of  meat were given away outside the MAS (Muslim American Society) Youth Center. Another 50 bags, or 250 lbs of  meat, were distributed near Masjid Omar in Brighton Beach. Eighty bags totaling 550 lbs. of meat were given away at the site of ICNA's Brooklyn Youth Center, while 900 lbs. of meat were given away nearby at Makki Masjid. Alhumdulillah, almost 400 bags of meat were distributed in the Bronx at masjids Tauba, Rushdie and Rahma. 
      Bronx Brooklyn
ICNA Relief Arizona delivered Udhiyah meat to almost 80 families in Glendale and Chandler many of them refugees from Somalia and Eritrea. Each family received five to seven pounds of meat. Jazakullah Khairan to all the donors who dropped off 1/3 of their own Qurbani meat to benefit refugees.
Along with a Udhiyah meat distribution, ICNA Relief Chicago also held a toy giveway this year. 
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Donate a 1/3 of your Qurbani/Udiyah meat to ICNA Relief and we'll make sure it reaches those who really need it


Click here to find a drop-off location near you.

Click here to find locations nation-wide where meat is being distributed.



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ICNA Relief MA's Partnership with Fair Foods Proves Fruitful After 8,000 Pound Produce Donation
ICNA Relief MA teamed up with Fair Foods, "a non-profit food rescue organization dedicated to providing surplus goods at low or no cost to those in need," and Relief Health to offer FREE fruits and vegetables to the Grove Hall community in Boston this past Sunday. We spent the day in the park next to the site of ICNA Relief's Amal Women's Center, where Fair Foods dropped off approximately 8,000 lbs of salvaged fruits and vegetables. Their usual $2 bags of produce were given away for free! ICNA Relief MA is planning for a weekly distribution inshaAllah to ensure those in need are provided with healthy foods.
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