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ICNA Relief Meets with Director of West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing to Accomodate Elderly Sister
By Shazia Ali
Ms. Laura Jervis, executive director of West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing, visited ICNA Relief USA’s Transitional Housing Facility in Jamaica, NY on Tuesday. She met with our  Moviz Siddiqui, director of Transitional Housing Facility and Assistant Director Shazia Ali about providing resources to homeless senior citizens.
ICNA Relief USA transitional Housing referred Ms. Perveen (name changed to protect privacy), a senior citizen aged 74, to the West Site Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing services. In response to our referral request, Ms. Jervis wished to meet the client at our shelter home.
Ms. Perveen says that despite being the mother of a millionaire son, she did not receive the minimum support she needs from him to live a dignified life and so had to make her way to a shelter home.

After the meeting, Ms. Jervis promised to provide a unit at a senior housing facility with a kitchen and attached bathroom, according to the needs of client. She will confirm the provision of the unit in two weeks. Then, ICNA Relief USA can refer more deserving senior clients to West Site Federation for Senior & Supportive Housing for available services.

Ms. Jervis expressed great appreciation for ICNA Relief USA’s services and programs. She is a very influential professional and has access to a wealth of New York City resources. She promised to refer us to NY Homeless Services United of which she is board member. This referral will help us take part in their meetings to further gain resources and benefits for our clients. She promised to direct us to resources and information that could further increase benefits they are eligible for. She will also connect us to the organizations that provide free related trainings. Last but not the least, she will refer us to available resources for funding opportunities as well.